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I love to play spors, my favorite is baseball. I can't get enough of it. I also like to hang with freinds and have a good time. I am very competative in anything it comes to. So.... defintaly watch out :) On my spare time when there isn't anything to do, I do like read Tim O'brian novels I have read 3 of his books "In the lake of the woods" , "Northern Lights" , and the "Nuclear Age" very good books.

Friday, January 30, 2009

New Technology

There are a lot of New Technology going on around us today, but there isn’t a lot of information out there that we can see. It is really hidden, but If I new them I would totally tell you. But I would have to say I learned a lot of new technology that I can use for any classes in high school and for my college years here coming up in like 1 year. I really did enjoy the wikkispaces and creating a page about a book that we read this year, now I can use it for like anything. I can even use it for my favorite college team the “Duke Bluedeviles” now that is amazing . I can tell everybody about them and people can learn more and then I can also hold it open to the public for them to make corrections or do more to it and then I can learn stuff from them that I didn’t know. It is really cool. It was also cool learning from other people about there books and what they learned about it after they reas the story. I actually now want to read 3 books that my classmates made a wikkipage for it was exiting and sounded really interesting and now I want to read them. The blogger also has helped me can feedback on some questions I have had, and I can stay in touch with friends that I have no classes with this year at all, and some friends that I know from other schools have them and I stay in touch with them and it is pretty cool to know the books they have read. It has been amazing 1st semester in the English class with you Mr. Ayer it has been one cool time. You pushed me to write essays and I have been doing better in this English class then I have in 6 years of my English career. Thank you for the good time, I hope I can come to you for questions about essays and get help on anything English related if that be cool with you. J

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"There is Daggers In Men Smile"

In the book Macbeth, there is a quote that states, " There are Daggers in mens smiles". This is very true. When I was about to become Junior in High School I was about to start my season in Cross Country, I really wanted to get that #3 spot on the team when everyone depended on me for a race. When the middle of the summer hit I knew I had to work hard which I did, I ran an average of 4-5 miles a day for 6 weeks straight. I was in tip top shape for Cross Country I thought and I was also playing another sport, baseball. and that was getting me in shape also. I was talking to my coach and she was telling me "great job" , "nice work", or "your working very hard". I loved it, I knew from right there I was going to get that spot on the team. I was very confident that I would beat out Senior Andy Steffan for this position. As the final weeks came into the summer, I ran with all the guys together and we all knew this would be our year to make state for the 2nd year in a row if we all stayed healthy and worked together which we all knew we could we were all good freinds and thought of each other as brothers. The last day of summer training was my favorite day ebcuase we got a week off to hang out and enojy the last week of summer vacation. I didn't really spend my time sitting around or sleeping in. I ran for the most part, I was dedicated to my team and I needed to my part this year. When are first practice came in, we had a 3 mile race to see who would make varsity for the first meet in River falls, as we came to the start line I knew I would at least take 3rd but it would of been cool to take 2nd but that wasn't in my mind at the time. When she counted down i was ready and set, the whistle blew and it was time to fly. I ran a great pace staying up with the 1st and 2nd runners, I thought I could stay with those guys but it wouldn't be long until they blew ahead of me until I couldn't see them. As we got to the 2nd mile I was not out of breath at all, but I thought I was ahead of the pack behind me by a ton but I was wrong. Senior Andy Steffan was right there behind me and had a great pace for him self, I really couldn't belive it. After a while he past me and would stay ahead of me the rest of the way, he had a finishing time of 18.52 which was amazing, I would finish with a 19.01 almost breaking the 19. Andy beat and tok my 3rd spot, I did think he had Daggers in his smile after that. But after a while I thought to my self, "he must of been working hard, and I didn't know it". I was fine with it and accepeted my defeat, he worked hard for his Senior year and he deserved it. I would tell him great job "captin". He made me a abtter person, all I have to do now is work even harder to make it next year.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

So far a great beginning in the book "If I Die in a Combat Zone" by Tim O'Brien :)